Vintage African Oware Mancala African Seed Game

  • £145.00

This is a decorative vintage game of Oware which dates to the 1950s.

A board game played in many parts of Africa, called ‘oware’ among the Ashanti in Ghana, otherwise known as ‘mancala’ and other names: two players sit facing each other, with the same number of pieces or nuts in their respective hollows. During the game the players are expected to ‘skip’ a hollow of their opponent with their own pieces in order to obtain one of their opponent’s pieces. The player who captures all of his opponent’s pieces is the winner. This piece is made of solid wood and has 14 hollows supported by a large shaped base. To the top is a wooden bung covering the hollowed interior where the playing seeds are stored.
There should be more seeds, there are only a few present, these could easily be replaced with marbles, nuts or another substitute of your choice.

The game is in very good condition with some small marks to the wood.

Height- 21cms plus 3cms for the bung
Width- 63cms
Depth- 17cms

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