Narrow Alcove Bookcase Shelving Cabinet By Thomasville Furniture USA

  • £325.00

This is a useful bookcase cabinet by the American makers Thomasville.

This tall well made piece is perfect for use in an alcove, it is narrow and spacious, solid and heavy, ideal for books and display.

The bookcase is made from mahogany, mdf, mixed woods and veneers and is antique in style, a good reproduction piece which dates to the 1980s.

The bookcase has open shelves to the top, the central one is fixed, the two others are removable and adjustable, sitting on metal shelf supports fitted into the interior.

Below the shelves are three drawers which are finished with brass drop handles.

The cabinet has flat sides and a graduated top plint, the base has hidden adjustable feet to allow the cabinet to be levelled easily on uneven floors.

The wood has a lovely polished finish and is a warm brown colour.


This piece is in good structural condition with small cosmetic marks of age and use, a few little dents here and there to the edges.


height - 203.5cms

width - 90cms

depth- 44.5cms

shelf heights, as shown, top 38.5cms, second 25cms, third 30.5cms, bottom 29.5cms

shelf depth-37.5cms

shelf width-85.5cms

The measurements are taken at the widest points and the bookcase is one solid piece.

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