Antique Globe Wernicke Barristers Sectional Bookcase

  • £895.00

This is a handsome antique sectional bookcase which dates to the early 20th century.

The bookcase is a quality piece by Globe Wernicke which is well made from oak, mixed woods and veneer.

There are four glazed sections which sit on a base plinth with drawer, the top is finished with a shaped top plinth and the doors are all finished with small metal handles.

The doors open by sliding up and inside the bookcase using Globe Wernicke patented metal mechanism.

The sections simply slot together, more can easily be added or removed as needed.

The wood has a wax polished finish which has a nice sheen.


The bookcase is generally in very good condition with various marks of age and use, various knocks and wear to the polished finish.


width- 87cms
depth- 27cms

each main section measures 28cms high internally x 20cms deep

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