Chinese Red Lacquered Stand

  • £95.00

An unusual and very decorative Chinese stand which dates to the mid 20th century, possibly earlier.

This piece is ideal for an orchid or for displaying a Chinese vase, it is fairly low and not especially heavy.

Made of solid wood, the stand is ornately carved with cherry blossoms and is lacquered in a dramatic red, the finish has a look similar to cinnabar with a beautiful sheen.

The stand has a hexagonal top and is set on six curved legs which are finished with small scrolled feet.

A small undertier finishes this piece off.


This piece is in solid structural condition with a couple of small repairs.

A small piece of wood has been added to the back of one leg where a small chip of wood was missing.

It was a little wobbly so has been strengthened with small screws under the table top at the top of the legs.


width- 36.5cms

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