Antique Carved Oak Writing Bureau

  • £495.00

This is a handsome antique writing bureau which dates to the early 19th century.

Made of solid oak and mixed woods it is very solid, heavy and well made, ideal for an office or study. It will make a nice alternative to a traditional desk and is a useful work space for any home, perfect for stowing away a laptop.

The bureau is ornately styled, the top fitted with a fall front which opens to reveal a fitted interior with pigeon holes, cupboard and small drawers for stationery and correspondence. The fall front is fitted is carved and is lockable.

Below the top section are three spacious drawers, all carved with a different design and finished with later drop handles set on decorative back plates. The quality of the carvings is really superb.

The bureau is set bracket feet and the wood has a lovely wax polished finish which has a very good sheen.


height to top-106.5cms

height to fall front-78.5cms

width-93.5cms at the top, 96.5cms at the base



The bureau is in solid structural condition with many cosmetic marks of age and use.

Over the years it has had some work and there have been various small repairs made here and there. The drawer handles are later antique replacements. The base has suffered some wood worm damage and there have been new pieces of wood added to the back of both side panels and some of the beading to the fall front is new.

The drawers are rather rustic, the interiors a bit gappy and rather creaky sliding in and out.

Despite its active life it is a very attractive and good quality piece of furniture.

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